Monday, 19 January 2009


Today is the most depressing day of the year apparently. Put that in yer pipe.

Last week was my birthday which was alarming. I went to watch animal collective play. I was expecting more of a staid chin stroking atmosphere and was surprised to find a crowd of colourful kids who came to dance and not think. This was nice and from the dizzying heights of the topmost balcony of shabby yet grand KOKO's, they looked like a bowl of trendy sweets. The music was upbeat and anthemic. I imagined it as a lovable animal-like robot made of a million whirring, clinking, chiming parts in the treble and heartbeats, footfalls and purrs in the bass.

At one point the music froze and someone shouted "Rachel" in the short silence before the band rollercoasted onwards. A case of a man thrilled into vocalizing the name of the object of his unrequited love or simply a Rachel finding her way back from the bar?