Thursday, 11 September 2008

What a dick.

Few things annoy me more than this guy, yet he makes me feel better about not finishing my degree. If you're stupid to begin with it seems university only gives you the confidence and surface value credibility to fully believe your own bullshit and encourages you into thinking your flawed ideas are interesting. Most dangerously of all - it seems to give you a platform to impart your nonsense to a wider, equally moronic audience who lack the exclusive credibility you gained by smoking, drinking and fucking your way through at least 3 years of an expensive arts course about obscure crap the likes of which you'll hear bantered about at dinner parties amongst witless middle class twits (who don't believe they're middle class because they shop at tesco's and have a regional accent).

I don't disagree with the merits of tertiary education at all, however I did leave with the foul-tasting impression that it was too fucking easy, that it is simply the preserve of aimless wealthy kids looking to dodge "real-life" for another few years. I'm talking about the arts faculty specifically here.

Anyway, if a kid can't learn to spell, that kid is a fucking moron. Everyone makes spelling mistakes, I very seldom see perfect grammar in anything that hasn't been conscientiously edited. But for fucks sake try. Or is that for fuck's sake?

I liked this bit:

"Professor Wells also said it was time to dispel the idea that correct spelling was a mark of being educated."

Its also appears that the time has come to dispel the idea that the title "Professor" is a 'mark of being educated'. Cunt.

'It seems highly likely that one of the reasons Britain and other Englishspeaking* countries have problems with literacy is because of our spelling and the burden it places on children."

Britain has a problem with literacy because children here are allowed to be stupid as a result of people like this going around saying that learning something so basic as SPELLING is a "burden". And kids here ARE stupid, observe:

And finally:

Oh I don't're all illiterate...?

*I reckon this should be hyphenated .